The Afrikan Family Works has launched an initiative to encourage the 1.5m-strong African and Caribbean population of the UK to take up the challenge to find loving homes for BME children in care.

The #Each1Ask1 campaign aims to find a good solution for thousands of children of mixed ethnicities, African and African-Caribbean, as this group of children remain longer in care than their white counterparts.

Children from a black or minority ethnic background account for nearly 1 in 6 children looked after by local authorities. But last year only 180 black and mixed race children found permanent placements with families.

“The crisis in adoption can quickly be solved if African and Caribbean communities take ownership of the problem and come forward with open hearts and homes,” says Sundjata Keita, chair of The Afrikan Family Works.

Adoption teams find it extremely difficult to find homes for black boys, who are often seen as having more “problems” than white boys or girls. As a result, many black boys grow up in local authority care, going from foster home to foster home. And some black boys end up in the youth offending system.

The #Each1Ask1 campaign will include faith groups, trade unions, grassroots organisations, social workers, private businesses and adoption teams.

In some cases long terms foster care maybe an option for both children and would-be carer so we have included fostering within our campaign.

We are aiming to launch a voluntary self-help group for those who want to adopt a child or become a foster care.

Contact us about our latest public seminars and details of our new self-help group.

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