Building a sustainable future

Over the past few months the startup team behind the Afrikan Food Hall has made lots of progress.

TeamAFH has successfully searched and selected agents to work Buy Facebook shares on sourcing the best agricultural produce from Africa and the Caribbean exclusively for the Afrikan Food Hall stores.

The team is also working on how to decentralise majority of AFH head office functions to local stores like human resources and how the rest of the HQ processes could be outsourced to other companies.

“We are planning on radically decentralising as much of the management of the chain to local stores. We want to start out with low overheads and then put those savings into lower prices,” says Sundjata Keita, the chair and invest in Facebook shares in Kenya chief executive officer of the Afrikan Food Hall.

The project has also been expanded to 16 stores from its initial idea of just 2 stores to ensure that AFH can buy supplies on a large scale. The core objective of AFH is to be the UK’s lowest priced retailer for traditional African and Caribbean groceries.

New membership categories have been introduced to better capture and reflect people’s levels of commitment and involvement in the project.

“We have found that some people how to invest in Facebook shares in Kenya just want to be kept in the loop while others want to get more involved with the project. The new categories will help everyone to find their role,” says Mr Keita.

TeamAFH is working on the project’s business plan which should be ready at the end of year.

Full membership changes can be found on Afrikan Food Hall page of this website.

For years the supermarket sector has been facing deflation as a result of food discounters like Lidl taking a big share of the weekly food shop through offering lower prices. Like other food retailers the startup team is looking at offering clothes, homeware and health and beauty products to maintain the overall profit margin of the project.

The Afrikan Food Hall is now looking to hear from fashion designers working with African fabrics, designs and patterns and also homeware makers. The team also wants to hear from local producers of natural health and beauty products.

The benefit of introducing these new changes is to ensure a sustainable future for the Afrikan Food Hall and not to end up closing soon after opening like lots of projects that fail to carry out detailed planning.

About Us

Mr Sundjata Keita is the founder and director of The Afrikan Family Works which is a limited company by guarantee. Any profits we make we redistribute to good causes within our community. Our objective is to strengthen the African and African-Caribbean family within the UK and overseas.
We work on issues concerning Afrikan families including the future of looked after children, family health and wellbeing and promoting African heritage through traditional values of Afrikan people.

Our projects and initiatives include the Afrikan Food Hall, Ubuntu Family, Afrika Gen House and HomelandAfrika.

“We must act as if we answer to, and only to our ancestors, our children and the yet unborn.” Amilcar Cabral

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Call: Sundjata on 07783 188 100